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6 reasons why you should partner with Hire connect Healthcare Staffing:
  • Increase Revenue
    • Increase capacity.
    • Opportunities for growth and development of additional avenues.
    • Less wasteful spending on hires, fires.
  • Reduce Cost
    • Reduce onboarding cost
    • Reduce potential bad hire cost
    • Reduce exposure to liability & accidents that could occur as a result of improper staffing
    • Reduce costs associated with nurse burnout
    • Reduce cost associated with running ads blindly without results.
  • Improve Productivity
    • Increase team morale
    • Increase capacity and execution of growth plans
    • Key individual and team leaders will not work on the floor
    • Less time spent on “staffing” issues will allow time to be allocated to other key areas.
  • Reduce Risk
    • Reduce liability and potential hazards of inadequate staffing
    • Reduce cost associated with deficiencies from surveyors as a result of inadequate staffing
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction | Retention
    • Patients have a better experience with adequate staffing.
    • Family members have a heightened perception and level of comfort when adequate staff is available.
  • Improve Staff Satisfaction | Retention
    • Increased Staff Morale
    • Increase potential referrals.
    • Improved workloads decreasing the likelihood of burnout.